international domain news

international domain news

From: David Goldstein <goldstein_david§>
Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2002 04:49:34 +1100 (EST)
auDA takes from Elz (Australian IT)
The Australian domain industry self-regulatory body has seized
control of and from Robert Elz.,7204,3677772%5E15306%5E%5Enbv%5E,00.html

It's all go for AusRegistry (Fairfax IT)
The establishment of Australia's new domain name information
infrastructure is running to plan, even as the registry anointed to
run it embarks on a reverse takeover of a Sydney IT company.

NeuLevel re-releases .biz domain names (
Companies have been given a second opportunity to register the .biz
domain name for their website after top level domain operator
NeuLevel was forced to scrap some applications.

Judge's Rebuke Could Be Final Note In Dispute (Newsbytes)
A federal judge in New York may have finally put an end to a
five-year battle over the Internet domain, ruling last week
that a company headed by former UUNet founder Rick Adams had used
U.S. courts and an international arbitration process to improperly
wrest the address from a California man.

Digital lifestyle on display (BBC)
It's five o'clock in the morning. The alarm beeps to life and a soft
female voice with an American accent comes over the speakers. 
"I'm waking you 30 minutes early because heavy rain has developed
delaying traffic to the airport. I changed your shuttle reservation
to 5.30. Here's the light rock you requested."
Welcome to the future, as envisioned by Hewlett-Packard in its
CoolTown project.

Cairo launches fund to promote computer and Internet access (United
Nations Development Programme (New York) news release)
Egypt and UNDP set up an Information and Communication Technology
(ICT) Trust Fund last week to make technologies crucial for
development more widely accessible to and more affordable for
Over the next five years, the fund will support initiatives to widen
computer and Internet access in schools and communities, and to use
ICT in support of adult literacy.

In Another Big Bankruptcy, a Fiber Optic Venture Fails (New York
Global Crossing Ltd., which spent five years and $15 billion to build
a worldwide network of high-speed Internet and telephone lines, filed
for bankruptcy protection yesterday, unable to find enough customers
to make its network profitable.

HP and Compaq try to keep the momentum (Financial Times)
Hewlett-Packard and Compaq Computer claim to be winning institutional
shareholder support for their proposed $24bn (£16.5bn) merger, even
as the companies brace for a key European Union decision this week
that could wreck the deal.

In Wartime, the People Want the Facts (New York Times)
Four months into the war, a review of news coverage reveals that over
time Americans are getting fewer facts and more opinion — a narrow
range of opinion, at that — from newspapers, magazines and
television. At the same time, polls show the press losing a measure
of the respect it had gained in September, when the public
overwhelmingly applauded the timely, comprehensive and informative
news coverage it was getting.

Half of UK now online (Guardian)
More Britons are surfing the internet than ever before with almost
half the nation's households hooked up to the worldwide web. 
Research published today by watchdog Oftel shows 45% of homes - 11m
households - are now online, compared with just 30% last year.,7496,641225,00.html

Email order bride nets £251,000 (Guardian)
It's my way to prove there are normal people in cyberspace, says
woman 'too busy' to find a partner,7369,641068,00.html

La AUI denuncia la falta de rigor de algunas informaciones relativas
a la adicción a Internet (ZDNN)
La Asociación de Usuarios de Internet (AUI) ha manifestado su
preocupación por la falta de rigor de algunas noticias relativas a la
adicción a Internet, en las que se citan como referencia estudios e
informes que, habiéndose realizado desde una única página de
Internet, se extrapolan al conjunto de los usuarios de la Red. - My Yahoo!
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