internet news - 30/1

internet news - 30/1

From: David Goldstein <goldstein_david§>
Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2002 04:43:36 +1100 (EST)
EP Committee wants to amend '.EU' Regulation (
The European Parliament's Industry Committee adopted a recommendation
for the EP plenary to amend the draft Regulation on the
implementation of the .EU top level domain name. Does SAA Have a Case? (
South African Internet attorneys report that South African Airways'
threat to take a disgruntled passenger to court could result in a
complex legal wrangle.
The case arises from an annoyed SAA passenger, Vernon E Six of Texas,
who has built a Web site ( to air his views on
the alleged poor service of the airline.

VeriSign Revamps Choice Dot-Com Names Sale Plan (Newsbytes)
Internet addressing giant VeriSign Global Registry Services has
unveiled a revamped version of its controversial plan to redistribute
some of the most appealing dot-com domain names as they expire.

WIPO arbitration on neo-nazi use of domain names (ICANNWatch)
Der Spiegel reports (in German) that WIPO has handed over the domain
names, to the German

US-Neonazi muss Web-Adressen abtreten (Der Spiegel)
Gerhard Lauck, selbst ernannter Oberführer der "NSDAP/AO", wurde von
der Wipo abgewatscht: Irreführende Adressen wie
"" wird es bald nicht mehr geben. Mit
Geschick gelang es Otto Schily, eine US-Adresse stillzulegen.,1518,179467,00.html Loser Claims Poverty (Wired)
The man who took credit for turning the domain name into a
multimillion-dollar porn empire now says he is too poor to afford
toilet paper. 
In a motion filed in federal court this week, Stephen Michael Cohen,
the former operator of the website, asked a judge to set
aside a ruling requiring him to pay $65 million in damages to the
site's current owner.,1367,50104,00.html - My Yahoo!
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