Now I am anoyed about! What a load of junk the rules are!

Now I am anoyed about! What a load of junk the rules are!

From: Support <support§>
Date: Sat, 9 Feb 2002 21:48:57 +1100
I have had for like over 6 months a request in for

I received this email ;

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Subject: Re: FW: Reminder: [|8172] Domain Name request for

Your request for registration of the domain has NOT been

This is because the domain administrator has indicated that the domain
name request has not been accepted. If you wish to include further
information in relation to this request you may choose to do so by
resubmitting the original domain name request with the additional
information included as comment in the request form.

The domain administrator, ceo&#167;, provided the following comments:

Domains will not be registered if it appears the primary purpose is to
promote a product or service provided by an organisation.  It is the
organisation itself which is allocated a domain name, not its products,
trade marks, or similar.  Services provided by the organisation are not
sufficient themselves to qualify for a domain name.


I now have just discovered that a Scout group has just got


descr: 1st Red Cliffs Scouts Group

descr: P.O Box 860 Red Cliffs, Victoria 3496

descr: Red Cliffs

descr: VIC 3496

admin-c: JG1721-AU

tech-c: JG1721-AU

zone-c: JG1721-AU

remarks: Created 20011208

changed: nobody&#167; 20020206

source: AUNIC

person: Jason Govan

address: P.O Box 860

address: Red Cliffs

address: VIC 3496

address: AU

phone: +61 3 50241479

e-mail: webmaster&#167;

nic-hdl: JG1721-AU

remarks: (Organisation) 1st Red Cliffs Scout Group

remarks: (position) Venturer Scout and Web Master

remarks: Created 20011208

changed: nobody&#167; 20020119

source: AUNIC


Ok here is one for the auDA and every member of the list!

With regards to why I was refused the I can understand. I
was not happy but I do accept that the decision of auDA was final and would
be fair from this point onwards!

I just get contacted by this scout group that they have their web address in
the same That I was applying for.

There is also in the policy a section about domains that must not have a
home else were. Scout Groups are Associations and I would have to say that would be more appropriate for ALL scout groups who are associations.

I would also have to ask Where in this case is a Scout Group different to
Dragon Skin? It is as independent from the main scouts as is a group and is
as closely linked to the main scouts as a scout group!

From my side of the fence I would have to say that the rules for domain
names in the namespace have not got any fairer but have only got
faster in being denied or approved!

If this is going to be the case that Scout Groups fall under I will
be putting a few applications of my own for scout groups who either don't
have one or don't have a .au

I find that in this case nothing about has changed except the speed
at which it flows!

David Uzzell
Group Leader
Communications Manager DragonSkin

I do have an interest and I am declaring it here!

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