international domain news

international domain news

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Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2002 04:30:57 +1100 (EST)
Domain name news
New personalized domains unveiled (
The unveiling of new domains will give consumers greater choice in
defining their Web identify while concurrently creating greater
revenue opportunities for ISPs and Web hosts. Earlier this week,
Global Name Registry ( launched the ".name"
domain. The new top-level domain is specifically reserved for

Trademark protection upheld in domain names (Yomiuri Shimbun)
The Supreme Court on Friday turned down an appeal from a portable
toilet company against an order that it discontinue use of an
Internet domain name that conflicted with the name of a leading
consumer credit firm, Jaccs Co., court officials said.

ICANN Polls Public, Industry On Governance (Newsbytes)
Internet addressing authorities this week began polling members of
the Internet public about their interest in helping to form an
"at-large" membership to help make decisions about the management of
the Internet's worldwide naming system.

Request for Redelegation of .JP Top Level Domain, and ccTLD
Sponsorship Agreement
IANA Report on Request for Redelegation of the .jp Top-Level Domain

Newest Suffixes Help to Increase Net's Population (Los Angeles Times)
The pioneers in cyberspace adopted Internet identities ending in
".net," ".org" and ".com." These days, colonizers of the newest
territory on the Net are staking their claims with suffixes such as
".name," ".info" and ".biz."
The venerable ".com" is still by far the most popular designation,
accounting for approximately 22.5million of the 35 million Internet
domain names registered worldwide. But that popularity prompted the
need for new suffixes to relieve the congestion.

BT opens hypertext case (Guardian)
BT today begins a court battle in the US lawsuit to prove it owns the
technology that web surfers use to move between pages or sites with
the click of a mouse.,7369,648221,00.html,,t269-s2104057,00.html

Islam And the Internet (
The United States of America presents a classical contemporary
paradox, if such a thing were to exist. As the "Great Satan" of the
late Ayatollah Khomeini, it is the Muslim world's most hated country;
yet it provides more freedom for the expression of Islam than any
Muslim country. This freedom is provided through the platform of the
Internet. In the first instance, of the 13 domain name root servers
on the planet, through which every internet traffic passes through,
10 are located in the United States, one each in Japan, England, and
Sweden. The root servers are maintained predominantly under the
auspices of the U.S. government.

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