RE: [DNS] FW: [Oz ISP] The lovely folk at ING

RE: [DNS] FW: [Oz ISP] The lovely folk at ING

From: Cyrille Lefevre <ginger-fish§>
Date: Mon, 18 Feb 2002 19:46:33 +1100
Well, you can spam your own clientbase, i don't see a problem with that, now
with stolen material that's another story....
Of course, if Cameron and his friends spammed their own clients there's no
problem there, isn't it folks ??

Hey isn't there a rule here to kick out people that blatantly spam and brag
about it ( like Cameron did ) ?


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>Quoting Sherrard, Cameron on Monday February 18, 2002:
>| You don't add anything educational or informative to this list except "I
>| think we should kick their ass BIG time" and then you go on to say
>| got a plan ?". Are you a leader or a follower ?
>| It seems at least ING have their own ideas, their own iniatives and it
>| the first to introduce new products into the Australian market - The
>| foundation of a business I would think. Does that make them one of the
>| leaders or the followers in the marketplace ?
>While I agree the other poster didn't really have anything of value to
>say, I don't think companies that raid the AUNIC database and use it to
>send deceptive renewal notices, or even other commercial material, are
>innovative or defensible.

Whilst I have thought about running such marketing campaigns several
years ago, my conscience won't allow it. Which leaves me wondering if
good conscience and what people label 'innovative' and 'defensible' go
together, or shall never meet.


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