international domain news

international domain news

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Conference - World Congress For Informatics And Law II
Madrid - Spain - 2002 Spain, Cradle of a Global World Venue Law
School, Complutense University of Madrid 23 - 27 September 2002.
World Congress II is a continuation of World Congress I
( held in Quito (Equator), in October
2001, with the support of the State of Equator. The Equator Congress
Organization was promoted by the Alfa-Redi Community
(, as well as by Prof. Jose Luis Barzallo, Magister
in Informatics and Law, Partner of the Law Firm Barzallo & Barzallo
(, Chairman of the Organizing Committee, in
collaboration of the well known Electronic Review for Informatics and
Law (REDI -

History of Group of Internationalization of Cyberspace 
The present initiative aims to resolve most of the actual legal
problems that are discussed on national and international level.
Internet being transnational by its nature, regulators do accord that
there is a real need for some international legislation. However,
their will of protection of sovereignty does not permit today to find
a global solution. Although, some treaties have been achieved (e.g.
the Cybercrime Treaty of the European Council) or will be achieved
(e.g. the Jurisdiction Convention of the Conference of the Hague), no
international organization does treat Internet and its issues as a
whole. Beneath specific topics like e-signatures or cybercrimes,
there are other issues like the digital divide and the respect of
fundamental freedoms.

Domain Name News
Europe claims place for .eu in cyberspace (Guardian)
European integration moved into cyberspace yesterday, challenging
national pride by enabling citizens and businesses to have .eu

Los Quince aprueban la creación del dominio de Internet ".eu", que
estará disponible en 2003 (
El Consejo de Ministros de Telecomunicaciones de la UE aprobó hoy la
creación del dominio de primer nivel de Internet ".eu", que se sumará
así a otros dominios ya existentes como los nacionales ".es", o
".fr", y los genéricos ".com", ".org" o ".net".

Cybersquatter hits Stephen Byers' plans (BBC)
Stephen Byers is spending £500m buying back the railways. For less
than a tenner, he could have had the domain name too. 
Network Rail, the new name for Railtrack, may now be in government
hands. But the internet domain name has been
snapped up by a 21-year-old from Durham for just £6.

Registrar Accuses VeriSign Of Predatory Marketing (Newsbytes)
Go Daddy Software, an Internet address seller and Web hosting
company, says that addressing giant VeriSign Inc. is attempting to
dupe Go Daddy customers into transferring their domain name
registrations to VeriSign.

Hackers asaltan dominios entrando en un servidor de Verisign
Un grupo de hackers brasileño consiguió acceso a un servidor que
alojaba miles de dominios registrados en VeriSign Network Solutions.
El servidor comprometido contenía un servidor web Microsoft Internet
Information Server (IIS) alojado por Interland.

Afilias buys out Tucows .Info service (Register)
Afilias is taking operational control for the registration of .Info
names by buying out the operations of current service provider

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