Fw: ICANNatLarge

Fw: ICANNatLarge

From: James Fiander <jfiander§nimblehost.com>
Date: Thu, 28 Mar 2002 01:55:46 +1100

Hey everyone,

James here, just thought that everyone would like to know that the
ICANNatLarge committee is not dead... although the ICANN board have said no
for the moment to any committee that is setup for the direct purpose of
gauging public impacts on ICANN decisions... it has been setup independant
of ICANN anyway... and it's quite serious.... they have over 600 people
signed up already and the website has only been up for 15 days... -
impressive - the board members that I have spoken two have said that ICANN
will not take any AtLarge membership proposal until there is a working show
of interest in such things... for example several thousand people... so here
I am... spreading the word

If anyone is interested in being more involved in ICANN here is your
chance... http://www.icannatlarge.com it's currently run and was setup by a
guy named Joop Teernstra who has spoken at several ICANN meetings over the
last 5 years or so... and is dedicated to the project although he is about
to hand over to an Interim Supervisory Council, which I am nominated to be


James Fiander

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