Re: [DNS] Now I am ANGRY

Re: [DNS] Now I am ANGRY

From: Richard Keeves <richard§>
Date: Fri, 1 Mar 2002 09:06:15 +0800
Ginger, you are right.  This is an important issue.  Getting the truth may
be harder than just asking the question...   but it's a start.

Also, what is the role of auda ?   What should its role be?

Richard Keeves

> I think Cameron can answer all the questions since he is a Director of
> for sure he knows who provides him with the ( updated ) AUNIC data , why
> don't we ALL ask him who is(are) the leak(s) ....I mean c'mon it's fun
> the only one whinging sometimes ( that's me ) but you guys gotta have
> if you really want things to change in this industry !

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