Re: [DNS] Code of Conduct

Re: [DNS] Code of Conduct

From: Marco Botros <mehanna§>
Date: Fri, 1 Mar 2002 20:19:15 +1100
We are talking code of conduct great!.


I am not questioning the Marketing of ING However.

You find this valuable list that you want to market to!.

1. You start marketing, to these consumers for the first time
you do not receive a response or a reply from them, you
keep mailing them forever, all of which without opt-in permission
from them in any way!.

2. When these consumers and they do phone your customer 
hotline and request their removal from your mailing list, you
do not, your staff requesting unless that consumer write you
a formal letter and send it to you for a removal  My statement 
is that these consumers did not write or request to you requesting
to be on your mailing list in the first place, why are you (ING) making
it hard for them to be removed???????!!!!!!!!!!.
This one bad customer service example!.

3. There is nothing against Marketing to a list seeking business
for the first time in a proper and good conduct business fashion.
But you do not keep hammering them more and more with Legal
INVOICES for something that they did not ask to purchase from
you. So if they do not respond to your first marketing material. 
YOU SHOULD JUST STOP and move on, Find a better marketing

4. YOU (ING) do not basically LIE to that consumer claiming that
registrations can be registered for up to ten years, while 
the administrator policy, rules and regulations for space
are only for two years.

5. YOU (ING) approach out of the blue us and consumers for renewal 
(Invoice (tax issues), for something the consumer did not initiate
with ING in the first place, and keep going and requesting from the
same consumer asking for money and make them fear losing their
identity on the internet because of your twisted claims.

The question is not whether what ING is doing this legally or follow
the policy or not (which they should out of respect in a shared
environment that clearly affects a lot of people specially ill informed
consumers). it is the kind of behaviour that they should conduct
themselves in when dealing with people in such a shared environment,
which they should agree to all the rules which the majority of all parties
agree to. If NOT there is a governing body which at this time to follow
the policy or it's admin (Robert Elz then, AuDa now). should take action
to protect the consumers and businesses from such bad and improper
practice By ING. That is one duty that should be carried by AuDa.

ING clean up your act and stop bullying consumers with your 
marketing practices!.

Government protects our contact details on the ASIC database and
also ABR and any other online, if any one wants more they ask some
sort of an information broker for a small fee.

I strongly suggest we copy that model to the aunic registry and
protect our privacy and the privacy of our consumers, so we do
not make them hate us regardless of who approaches them, so we
can give them choices in their business practices.

Cheers to you all and regards,

Marco Botros
Operations Manager
Spirit Servers

Spirit Servers, "A Solid, Reliable .dotHosting".

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something smells really fishy about who you are

and how do you think all these companies get this data,

if companies out there provided service to the internet community in the
first place

ING would have never been as successful as it is right now


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