RE: [DNS] Its Friday night

RE: [DNS] Its Friday night

From: Ginger Fish <ginger-fish§>
Date: Sat, 2 Mar 2002 02:34:06 +1100
Hey Pat

That page is quite old and well i used to run an Australian IT business from
France with staff based in Australia but i sold my shares for $250, that's
why i don't run that business anymore :)

Currently i am just a tourist , enjoying the view :)

By the way the link to my personnal site is dead, here's the link that works

On that site you will probalby learn a bit more about me...especially how i
kick ass at Computer Generated Images, but desipte the offers i had from
major US studios, that's just a hobby of mine, like playing super-hero in
the DNS playground..

Enjoy the pictures :)

Who am i ?
ah well, as Jon Lawrence told me once, i am just a sexy frenchman :)


Ginger "Club Mediterannee" Fish

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Hi Jon

On Fri, 1 Mar 2002 09:35:06 +0000, Jon Lawrence wrote:

> For the benefit of the list:
> Ginger Fish is Cyrille Lefevre although you should be aware that he is the
> mouthpiece for Jacqui Maiolo.

I was just about to unsubscribe from this list (as I really don't need to
waste my time on the inane dribble we've been seeing) but my curiosity was
piqued by your post.

Who or what is Cyrille Lefevre and what do you mean by saying he is the
mouthpiece for Jacqui Maiolo (who is who, exactly, anyway)?

Cyrille Lefevre

Jacqui Maiolo

Patrick Corliss
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