Re: [DNS] Now I am ANGRY

Re: [DNS] Now I am ANGRY

From: Kim Davies <kim§>
Date: Sat, 2 Mar 2002 09:38:55 +0800
Quoting Mark Hughes on Saturday March 02, 2002:
| I believe that for old domains created before AUNIC existed, the creation
| date is the date the record was added into AUNIC, not the date the domain
| name was created.

There are a few counter examples, though.,, and somehow are stamped with 19930101 as their creation dates.
I can only assume these dates were added more recently as an estimate.

However, domains like were around in 1993 but have not
been similarly adjusted.

| As a proportion of the total number of domains, the ones created before say
| 1996, would be small.

Agreed. But as per David's point, it is futile using the dates to judge
which policy the domain name is grandfathered under. The contentious
domains that would have been registered under old policies have
unreliable dates.

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