Re: [DNS] Code of Practice + Consumer Guide

Re: [DNS] Code of Practice + Consumer Guide

From: Liz Williams <lizwilliams§>
Date: Mon, 4 Mar 2002 17:27:22 +1100

Thanks for the comments.

Just some points of clarification.

It's not my Code - I'm the Chair of the Code of Practice Committee which is
made up of both provider (registrars, resellers and a represent of the
registry) and user/consumer representatives.  I'm also the Deputy Chair of
.auDA - that doesn't make it my code either.  It belongs to auDA.

The Code will not and cannot replace existing legislation, for example, with
respect to misleading and deceptive conduct or "passing off".  The remedies
for that conduct, in any market, are found in the Trade Practices Act and
are administered by the ACCC.  Anyone is free to make a complaint to the
ACCC at anytime.

Compliance with Code of Practice is part of the Registrar's Agreement - the
Codes core "values" do not replace or override any provisions in the
Registrar's Agreement.  The Registrar's Agreement applies to registrar
resellers as well and compliance is mandatory for both registrars and

The Code doesn't address naming policy issues - that is auDA's
responsibility.  Policy is arrived at through, for example, the consultation
processes of the Names Policy Panel.

The Code is not just for consumers - intra market conduct such as that
between registrars and resellers - is caught as well.

Kind regards.


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> Liz,
> I hope your Code of practice will stop orgs like ING and others from
> out renewal notices that look like invoices to non-clients.  The code
> stop orgs who try pick up domain  renewal clients by tricking them or
> advantage of the client's ignorance.  If it does not, then it will be
> lacking.
> Best regards
> Richard Keeves
> From: "Liz Williams" <lizwilliams&#167;>
> I have watched the list over the last week with some interest.  As many of
> you know, a drafting group is preparing a binding Code of Practice for
> registrars (and, as a consequence, resellers) as part of the new Registrar
> Agreement.
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