Provisional Registrars

Provisional Registrars

From: Ron Stark <ronstark§>
Date: Tue, 5 Mar 2002 11:56:35 +1100
Let me pose a question.  At the moment every reseller is a reseller of MIT.
On the assumption that they are indeed accredited, ING are going to have to
do one of three things - sell only directly, poach MIT's resellers or create
their own resellers from scratch.

Given their appalling record and newly-emerged smugness, how many of MIT's
resellers are going to move to ING?  Any other registrar but, I should

The issue that I see, though is this: Will ING do to their fellow registrars
what they're doing to their fellow resellers.  More to the point, as a
registrar, will they have access to other registrars' client records?

Ron Stark

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At 07:48 AM 5/03/2002, Sasha Sudakov wrote:
>Provisionally Accredited Registrars
>"The following organisations have been Provisionally Accredited.
>This means that, subject to successfully completing the Registry/Registrar
>Interface Test,
>  they will be fully accredited to become operational when the new system
>goes live." (auda website
>Internet Name Group
>Namescout Corporation
>NetRegistry Pty Ltd
>Nexsta Communication

Why is ING (nor indeed any of the other provisional registrars) not listed 
amongst the organisations that have indicated they will voluntarily comply 
with the Code of Conduct?

Perhaps Clause 8 is a problem, for ING at least:
"8. Renewal Notices
Registrars and resellers shall not send to registrants renewal notices that 
appear to be (or could be construed as) invoices for payment, unless the 
registrant is their customer.
All solicitations for business should be clearly identified as such, and 
should include a statement that the registrant is under no obligation to 
respond and may choose to renew their domain name licence through their 
existing registrar or reseller."


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