RE: [DNS] Au Domain up for Auction?

RE: [DNS] Au Domain up for Auction?

From: Chris Disspain <ceo§>
Date: Wed, 6 Mar 2002 16:16:44 +1100
I don't think auDA can release the price paid for each name without the
consent of the successful bidder. However, I'll check this out further.

As far as general information is concerned, we intend to release the
amount generated by the whole process.


Chris Disspain
CEO - auDA

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Subject: RE: [DNS] Au Domain up for Auction?

> The generic name is for sale.

> At a starting price of $20,000

The domain name was recently auctioned on ebay.  It was well
advertised - i.e. spam emails were sent to domain name owners (.com,
.org. and some ccTLD domain name owners including who had
domain names including the letters 'b' twice.  I've attached a copy of
advertising email for below.

The name received 53 bids and sold for US$41,000.  See

The $64K question is "how much more valuable is a .com name than an
equivalent name".

One of the good things about auDA auctioning the generic names is that
all find out.

How much information about the prices paid for the generic names
auDA plan to make public?

* The winning bid price for every generic domain name?
* The total revenue received by auDA & the number of domain names sold?
* Mean and median prices?
* Percentile splits?

I admit that I am completely undecided whether I think:

1. auDA should release the price paid for each generic domain name;
following the philosopy that being as open as possible is desirable, and
they don't there will be endless 'ooh, they've something to hide' claims
some people


2. auDA should release general information about the prices paid but not
full details; following the philosophy that some information would be
to finally lay to rest how valuable or worthless these generic names
while at the same time having some respect for the privacy of the
organisations that end up with them.

I guess I'll have to flip a coin to see which I think is the right

Regards, Mark

Mark Hughes
Effective Business Applications Pty Ltd
+61 4 1374 3959

Here's the advertising email that was sent out:


You are receiving this email because you are associated with a BB type

The domain name BB.COM is now being auctioned at

This name is ideal for:

Business to Business
Bed & Breakfast
Bearer Bonds
Bulletin Boards
Bail Bonds
Beanie Babies
Big Brother

or your own BB interest.

In addition, the domain's web address already receives thousands of
a month.

Consider-- a double letter domain name. belongs to American
the largest airline in America; belongs to Clear Channel
Commmunications, the largest radio broadcaster in America. Wouldn't you
to be in that kind of company?

The auction will be ending on February 10th at ##:## And remember-- once
gone, the new owners will be unwilling to give it up.

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