Aust Net registration scam(s)

Aust Net registration scam(s)

From: Richard Keeves <richard§>
Date: Sat, 9 Mar 2002 15:57:27 +0800
From: "Ginger Fish" <ginger-fish&#167;>

> IRA are champions at banking cheques.

I absolutely agree with you.  In my opinion, IRA are serious offenders.
Their  much-promoted Business Directory   ( )  is a
trap for the unwary.

We have the domain    and many  people have confused us
with them, so much so that I have put up a warning notice   at  about IRA.  I have received a number of emails thanking
me for the warning - and others from people who have realised thay have been
conned by IRA.

It is disgraceful  that such firms are allowed to continue their operations.
The ACCC should act further -  and I reckon that auDA  should take a
position of leadership  in the industry by naming offenders -  and issuing
specific warnings about specific firms that are continuing with improper and
unethical practices.

Richard Keeves

Saliya, ING might operate in their unique way but IRA are champions at
banking cheques. Registrants screaming that their money has gone but their
names not renewed? wonder if Brett is ready for the ride ? Obviously he
hasn't worked out a way around the registry key thingy, or scored himself an
ally in the central node..

Ginger "Flounder" Fish
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