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registry business

From: Stephen Loosley <stephen§>
Date: Thu, 14 Mar 2002 21:36:29 +1100
Hello there ..

At 08:56 PM 14/03/2002, Rebecca Patrick wrote:

> there's enough business out there for all of us. :)
> Rebecca Patrick Internet Registry Pty Ltd.

As much as one may regret getting involved in this
DNS list nonsense .. (and I'd have serious concerns
regarding any commercial involvement with a number
of members of this DNS list) .. here's a recent IT news
item which may be of some interest .. 

Melbourne IT Doubles its Dot Profits:  Helen Tobler 

Melbourne IT registered one million top-level domain names - .com, .net and .org - during the [2001 calendar] year, including 184,000 renewals.

The .biz and .info domain names went live late last year, "we expect (.biz and .info) will pick up this year." 

The .us and .name domains were going live in the next few months, [and] There had been a lot of interest from the US in the .us domain name, he said, particularly as the events of September 11 had heightened national pride. 

Melbourne IT is the fifth largest domain name registrar in the world. 

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