[DNS] An open question or two for whoever can answer

[DNS] An open question or two for whoever can answer

From: Dax <shayemaree§bigpond.com>
Date: Fri, 15 Mar 2002 11:25:56 +1100
IMO - I think all registrars should be given a code of ethics that need to be followed to the letter or face fines or worse.
I do not think any other registrar should have access to other companies renewal's list or any list that would name hosted clients.
It's becoming dog eat dog and rather underhanded the way some of these resellers/registrars operate and it does need to be monitored and have unethical companies strung up and be made examples of publically.


Given certain companies' propensity to mine registry databases I ask:

If a company becomes a registrar, will they have access to ALL registrants'
information, or only to their own.  In other words, as a registrar, will
they be able to raid the information on competing registrars' clients?

Another: Is the only criterion for certification as a registrar technical -
or does "suitability to be a registrar" including integrity, customer
service and reputation also come into the picture?  What about "Peer

Ron Stark

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