RE: [DNS] Withdrawing from DNS list

RE: [DNS] Withdrawing from DNS list

From: Ginger Fish <ginger-fish§>
Date: Fri, 15 Mar 2002 12:44:06 +1100
Well done.

Everybody leaves, issues are not dealt with and the gangsters stay out of
Great combination, a bit of politics, a bit of mafia and corruption, a
handful of deaf people that find it difficult to manage their own rules and
enforce them, a bunch of idiots that would rather have it quiet and
beautiful all written in shakespeare. Sounds like great self regulation,
nothing wrong, everybody's doing their job.

So far a lot of people here just like to hear their own "superior and
respectful" voice, and don't really care about their customers because they
to would like to be corrupt and have a piece of the .au cake, so what's the
point ?

none, there's really nothing to do apart from having fun everytime sasha
opens his mouth, and that would not happen if the .au administration was
serious about dealing with consumers that get ripped off by companies out

One last thing, sasha thinks we're all a bunch of idiots, and he is right,
just look at you guys, whinging all the time about important issues that are
not dealt with, sure it is great to debate and comment, but what's the
point, au administration is a joke...... a few half hearted unenforcable
rules and little else.


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This is a note to inform all that AusRegistry (that's the .au registry
operator) is officially withdrawing from the DNS list.

The list was once a place that allowed everyone from industry pundits to
the "Joe Public" user to comment on issues surrounding the domain name
industry both locally and globally.

Now it is filled with pointless remarks and even more stupid taunts from
unscrupulous operators with no respect for anything but the dollars they
can make.

The lack of common sense and moderation has cluttered my "deleted items"
folder for too long.

Someone send me an email when the list starts to contain useful and
meaningful discussion topics.

Until then, we have better things to do - like build a world class and,
more importantly, credible registry system that all Australian users can
be proud of.

Adrian Kinderis
Managing Director
AusRegistry Pty. Ltd.
Level 11, 10 Queens Rd.
Melbourne, Victoria. 3004.
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