Auction Process

Auction Process

From: Ian&#167;LemonStone <auda§>
Date: Fri, 15 Mar 2002 13:26:03 +1100
"Names for which there was only one applicant have now been processed. auDA
will send notification to those applicants by 08/03/02. "

I was just interested if anyone actually managed to secure a generic domain
in the first round. I know I didn't.

Is it possible for one company to apply for all the generics. Also is there
a list available of the generics with number of applications for each one
(not necessary for details just numbers)



PS. Domain Names resellers are not the only businesses that spam clients,
you should try being in the hosting game. The only difference is that people
offer ridiculously low prices as opposed to ridiculously high prices for
their services. Its no wonder companies, especially the big ones, go belly

I feel the internet will never be regulated and it is fine to issue Codes of
Practice but after all they are only guidelines and do not need to be
adhered to. Even the so called member bodies are not capable of regulating
themselves and the usual excuse is that they are an organisation with
volunteer staff etc etc. Unfortunately this is not acceptable as they set
themselves up as representing the industry, receive funding from various
sources and then do little except bitch amongst themselves about regulations
and standards. Meanwhile the general consumer or business has no idea about
what is going on and are constantly having to compare apples with oranges.

Meanwhile the government is talking about regulating the internet and
unfortunately for them, politicians are after all just members of the public
and have little understanding of the internet let alone technology. Maybe
one of them will pass a motion to switch it off.

That's it for now.
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