Re: [DNS] DNS problems

Re: [DNS] DNS problems

From: Snoop <cybsnoop§>
Date: Sat, 16 Mar 2002 00:26:15 +1100
And what if it DOESN'T pass the test?

Oh, BTW - hi all :-)

 - SnooP

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> On Fri, Mar 15, 2002 at 11:32:52AM +0100, Bruce Campbell wrote:
> > urm, how, exactly, are you proposing to have this implemented?  (or, do
> > you really understand the mechanics behind DNS secondaries? )
> I already passed enough detail to David Keegel and Bruce to enable such
> a thing to be implemented if it is desired. For everybody else though,
> I'll outline the rough details below.
> > Your proposal, noble as it is, indicates that named-xfer must be
> > by something which applies business rules on a given zone and possibly
> > a per source basis as well.
> That's exactly right. The basic idea is to replace named-xfer as called
> from named with a script which uses the original named-xfer to first
> transfer the requested zone from the hidden master. Once the candidate
> zone file has been received, the script can then test it in any
> desired manner, and if it passes the tests, the script returns a
> successful exit code to its parent (named).
> Consequently, there is no change required to the sender of the domain
> info, no change to the BIND code itself, just a script running in
> the middle of BIND normal functionality.
> > Who is going to implement this?
> I'd hope whoever maintains will think it's a nifty
> idea which might save some heartache in future.
> Nick.
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