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international domain news

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Date: Sat, 16 Mar 2002 04:01:44 +1100 (EST)
ICANN rejects public elections (Australian IT)
The internet's policy body has voted against holding any further
public elections for board members.,7204,3955693%5e16123%5e%5enbv%5e,00.html

Net shake-up plan prompts protests (BBC)
A plan to change who is responsible for running the internet has been
roundly criticised by net veterans.

Lawmakers Criticize Net Governance Restructuring Plan (Newsbytes)
Before the ink was dry on a resolution to restructure the body that
manages the Internet's worldwide addressing system, a clutch of
influential U.S. lawmakers today criticized the plan, requesting that
the Bush administration step up its scrutiny of the addressing

Congress to Enter ICANN Fray (Wired)
Official Washington's post-Sept. 11 preoccupation with heightened
security measures has finally extended to the underlying structure of
the Internet.,1283,51041,00.html

Cybersquatting back under local spotlight (ZDNet)
Protecting brands from cybersquatting is back on the agenda, with a
Federal Government working party looking at its impact on trade mark
enforcement in Australia.,2000024981,20264061,00.htm

From BNA Internet Law News
Lawmakers Criticize Icann Plan; Call For Greater Scrutiny
As reported in yesterday's ILN, ICANN's board voted to abandon plans
to establish a global mechanism that would allow ordinary Internet
users to directly elect members of the board. Perhaps just as
noteworthy was the reaction from a group of influential US lawmakers
who quickly criticized ICANN's restructuring plan in a letter to
Commerce Secretary Evans and requested that the Bush administration
step up its scrutiny of ICANN. Letter at 

From BNA Internet Law News
Court Issues Interesting UDRP Appeal Ruling
A federal court in Virginia has issued an interesting ruling
involving a dispute over the domain and ICANN UDRP
decision from a WIPO panelist. The losing party had sought a stay of
a UDRP transfer decision arguing that filing and maintaining a WIPO
claim can serve as a basis for claims of abuse of process or tortious
interference with prospective economic advantage. The court ruled
that it cannot, noting that (i) the result in the WIPO decision was
not admissable nor entitled to deference as part of the claims, (ii)
that allowing a complainant to amend their pleadings but not the
respondent would not support an abuse of process claim, and (iii)
that the Noerr-Pennington doctrine confers immunity to those seeking
WIPO redress to protect their trademarks. Case name is Eurotech v.
Cosmos European Travel.

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