Responsibilities of contributors

Responsibilities of contributors

From: Peter <peter§>
Date: Sat, 16 Mar 2002 11:30:21 +1100

I recognize that the subject line may be foreign to some contributors whose 
psychotic egos drive them to hide behind anonymity - in addition to which 
they become boringly repetitive.

The DNS list used to provide a realistic discussion of real issues with 
(mainly) adult intelligent participants, however I find that I have to 
agree with Adrian (Ausregistry) that it now serves no purpose whatsoever.

I find this to be a pity since the internet is still in its formative 
stages and genuine public input is needed if it is "to serve the people" 
rather than "the people serving it"

Personally I would like to see this forum continue - but with sufficient 
rules to attract back a more informed and informative audience.

By rules I don't mean censorship ... but I would ban any anonymous 
statement. I would enforce a declaration of true identity - perhaps by each 
contributor having their identity verified by a "moderator" who would issue 
them with a user-name/password to gain entry to make comments and being 
obliged in all communications to quote their personal identity, a real (not 
web-based) email address and a declaration of interest.

I would not see the job of the "moderator" to be more than to ensure that 
these rules are kept and that the medium is used to promote constructive 
rather than purely destructive ideas. Those who persistently violated the 
common courtesies of every-day society could easily be ostracized by 
individual members using their email facilities as I do and filter out the 
idiots to the "trash" can.

Until the enforcement of true identity and declaration of interest becomes 
a reality - I - like a number of those before me am abandoning this list.

Peter Dean
Director - Dean Group Holdings Pty Ltd - a venture capital company with 
interests and directorships in The Company People Pty. Ltd., Australian 
Supply Company Pty. Ltd.,  Instra Pty. Ltd. , A1 Registrar Pty. Ltd., 
Webhosting World Wide Pty. Ltd. and others not related to the internet.

I am also a director of auDA but views expressed here are purely my own.
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