the auDA song vol.2 "Judgement day approaching"

the auDA song vol.2 "Judgement day approaching"

From: Wayne Hussey <waynehussey§>
Date: Sat, 16 Mar 2002 01:21:13 -0800 (PST)
Champagne has bubbles, our industry troubles
and Sasha has lots of new tricks
Once ING are a new registrar
They'll simply be much bigger pricks

And IRA too, are predators who
claim that it's business legit
to practise a scam with misleading spam
each time they are caught doing it.

With such fine examples and paperwork samples
Others have copied it too
Hidden agendas, laws and rules benders
The whole thing is rotten right through

Consumers confused, auDA's refused
to act when it was most needed
Registry leaks by some crooked geeks
Our warnings have gone on unheeded

Our industry's head, with his old friends in bed
Head in the sand and just hopin'
The scams are ignored by the auDA board
Time it is out it in the open

So now it's no good, if you thought you could
hide behind power and glory
I'm watching your tricks, you hypocrites
and telling the world the whole story


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