RE: [DNS] Code of conduct

RE: [DNS] Code of conduct

From: Ginger Fish <ginger-fish§>
Date: Tue, 19 Mar 2002 12:38:13 +1100
well everybody knows who i am mate, I am Cyrille Lefevre also known as
Ginger's about time you wake up ..

isn't that enough ?
what do you want to know ?
if i have a kangaroo pet called skippy also ?


Who am i working for ?
i work for myself

Why am i doing this ?
because i care

Any other question ?

Pay attention to the issues you moron, who i am doesn't matter as long as
what i say is T-R-U-E .
Prove me wrong and i'll shut up.

Ginger FISH

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I am just sick of this!

I will now only get one side of this!

If your not intrested in saying who you are and joingin like the rest of us
then I am no longer intrested in what you have not got to say!

I only hope someone who controls this listserver will set some guidelines
and stick to them!

David Uzzell
Saints PC Pty Ltd

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Subject: RE: [DNS] Code of conduct

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