Re: [DNS] Code of conduct

Re: [DNS] Code of conduct

From: Galen Townson <galen§>
Date: Tue, 19 Mar 2002 23:31:03 +1100
Hi Cyrille

Would it be fair to say you want your voice heard, and so addressed by those
in positions to influence .au domain policy? Or..?

Are your concerns more specific to the process and the Code of Practice
Drafting Committee's operation, or to the draft Code itself?

My reading of the minutes available at appears
to offer a reasonable framework.

Was there something you disagree with? Perhaps with suggested ways to

I hear your comments on the member composition of the Committee, but do you
feel the composition is so unbalanced that:
* open discussions and good work will not be possible;
* those parties you're concerned with influence a 2/3 majority consensus;
* the Chair, Liz Williams, won't publish meeting minutes fairly and
transparently accounting for significant deliberations and decisions?

Although there appears to be no preferred method to raise such issues to the
Committee's attention (anyone feel free to correct me please), in light of
the Committee's explicit desire to "allow sufficient opportunity for all
stakeholders to have input" I imagine you could forward a list of your
concerns regarding the Committee to the Chair or a Committee Member of your
choosing to be raised formally at the next meeting Monday 25 March.

For concerns relating to the draft Code there's always, and perhaps more
appropriately, the scheduled period in April 2002 to comment on the 1st


Galen Townson
+61 4133 88998

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> Chris,
> you don't get it.
> We don't want to be part of the process. We just want to make sure that
> everybody is aware of what's going on and who is really involved in the
> process.
> And i think we're doing our job pretty well, thank you.
> Ginger
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