ICANN Accra Meeting : .info country names.

ICANN Accra Meeting : .info country names.

From: Michael-Pappas <auda§michael-pappas.com>
Date: Wed, 20 Mar 2002 10:00:06 +1100 (EST)

ICANN | Perilinary RepORT |14 March 2002.

At the Accra meeting .info country domain were discussed. I was wondering
if the auDA and other members of this list had any views on this.

Basically without to much detail the GAC and ICANN board resolved that due
to the 'special nature' of this gTLD governments (domain administrators)
are being given the opertunity to use the specific geographical name i.e.
Australia.info, for providing information on international fora.

Is the auDA is putting forward an option on this and submitting or
particatiting in the forum and discussions.

If so; (will we see and drafts that are submitted to the .info Country
Names Discussion Group (ICNG)

-Does the auDA agree that this would fall into lines with our current
domain allocation policies and not cause any hazardous precedents?
-Does the auDA have any means to ensure that a site such as this would be
representive of factual fora information and how would this be represented
to the public and government agencies that visit the site.
-Does the auDA feel that any locked names that fall into the cited letter
subsection 3.6.3 if .INFO registry agreement? Such as au.info or oz.info.
also in the same way would the auDA partition for the names in differing
-What information that would be represented on this site?

If not,

(I would see that this domain space personifies the internet (information
age) and would benefit Oz in way that can be developed over time to
increase international trade, econemey, travel and governmental relations
not to mention many many more thing that any of us here can think of.)

-Who would be responsible for representing Oz in this situation and how
should such information be communicated that represents the public and and
Australian beer drinking community...

Best Regards,

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