RE: [DNS] Internet Registrations Australia

RE: [DNS] Internet Registrations Australia

From: Ron Stark <ronstark§>
Date: Wed, 20 Mar 2002 20:37:17 +1100
Chris, they're not the only ones.  ING are at it again, the latest
unsolicited fax offering 10 years of .com/biz/info management for the
special price of $999.  Renewals of are also offered at a special
price of $99 per year.

The fax also says that if you don't renew, you'll lose your name to a
competitor (Oh yeah - what happened to name derivation rules?).  And to
prevent this from happening you need your registry key, for which a
statement MUST be worded giving ING the right to recover it.

The fax was sent to a registrant who is NOT one of IRA's clients, it's for
June renewal, and was sent today (March 20).

But guess what?  The fax boldly proclaims ING are not merely "a", but
"Provisionally Accredited Registrar".  I thought that to the public, there
is no such thing - either you are a registrar or you aren't.  Do they have
the right to make those claims?  Or is this another flaw that's now being
blatantly exploited by IRA - another of those "it's not illegal" things?

An open question - if we're busy trying to create a process of recourse for
aggrieved consumers, what hope is there when the first point of escalation
is IRA?  Perhaps when a complainant is seeking compensation or satisfaction
from a reseller for the very conduct practised by them?

Ron Stark

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Subject: [DNS] Internet Registrations Australia

Below is the text of an email being sent out by the above company. It is
self explanatory. I have no issue with IRA sending this out to their own
customers or to someone who has contacted them to renew a name. However,
I have information that they are being sent, unsolicited, to domain name
registrants and that is a major concern.


Would those on the list who are re-sellers please endeavour to ascertain
whether any of their clients have received such an email UNSOLICITED. If
so, please let me know as soon as possible.




Chris Disspain

CEO - auDA





> We have recently received a renewal for your domain. Please be aware
that it

> is essential to supply the registry key in order for us to process the

> renewal, otherwise it may result in your domain expiring and becoming

> available to others.




> A registry key is similar to a pin number, you would have received
this when

> you first registered your domain name. It will be in the following

>|xxxx with the x=B9s replaced by numbers. The
registry key

> should be in your original records.




> If you have the registry key already please forward it to this email

> (jess.marx&#167; so that we can process your renewal

> quickly as possible. If you do not have the key please follow these

> instructions so that the key can be re-issued.




> Upon  registration of the domain name the  administrative contact was

> XXXXXX. If this person still works for the company Please fill in

> only of the form in their name. If this person is no longer working
for the

> company please fill in section 2 only in the directors name.  This
form can be

> found at the following link

> .



>         Note: If completing section 2 on the authorisation form you

> include a signed request by one of the principles on your organisation

> letterhead for the re-issue of the registry key.



> When the registry key is then re-issued it will be emailed through to

> provided email address. Once received, please forward it to

> jess.marx&#167; so we can put through your renewal as

> as possible.




> If you have any further enquiries please don=B9t hesitate to contact
me on 


> 833 000 or reply email.


> Best Regards

> Jessica Marx

> Customer Service Representative

> Internet Registrations Australia


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