Re: [DNS] Internet Registrations Australia

Re: [DNS] Internet Registrations Australia

From: Nathanael Boehm <cybsnoop§>
Date: Thu, 21 Mar 2002 12:59:00 +1100
I was just thinking - why did the NAB get ? I mean - I've
never heard of the issue you just mentioned - and it's possible that NAB may
have had to take the ppl who "stole" it to court or something to get it ..
no idea.

But - why, how can NAB register something generic like "national" as a
business? The name of the company is .... *goes looking for it*

... damn, I can't even find it on the ASIC db...

Ok, here it is - from the NAB site: National Australia Bank Limited

Doesn't make sense. Anyway - getting off the topic...

 - SnooP

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> One of the faxes refers to being lost by the nationa
> bank 'don't let what happened to the National Australia bank happen to
> [paraphrasing]
> Did this happen a while ago?? because the web site still belongs to the
> National bank ?!?
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