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Date: Thu, 21 Mar 2002 14:08:37 +1100

We also need a DNA ( not you Rod ) scan for people there just in case the
have the "scammer" gene so we don't let them in.. Also, i am receiving tons
of requests from people on the list for getting myownemail&#167;
, so well if more people want one, they're up for grabs , and it's free and
no you don't need to renew it and you don't win $1000 cash !
Just drop me an email at ginger&#167; with the email
you want and i'll take care of it :)


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Dear Fellow Domain Name People,

Since i'm in flower power mode there days, I was wondering... wouldn't it be
cool to get some meetings happening somewhere in  a pub, or organise some
"monthly DNS barbies", we could have shrimps on the barbie and discuss
serious stuff at the same time, meet face to face and have a good friendly
chat , i reckon that would be cool :)

Ginger "Lennon" FISH

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