From: Ginger Fish <ginger-fish§>
Date: Thu, 21 Mar 2002 16:22:21 +1100
hey Kim, you can come to the barbie too :>

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Quoting Ginger Fish on Thursday March 21, 2002:
| Oh and btw, before anyone asks, choppingblochs&#167; is gone.
| A point to note, terms of payment for the auction = matchsticks (due to
| fact that you cannot place a value on something so worthless )...

Please... there has been enough nonsense on this list for one week. This
may have been funny once but no-one is laughing now.

Feel free to set up your own list for childish pseudo DNS talk, and
invite anyone here who is interested to subscribe. I won't tolerate it
on this list any longer.


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