From: Kim Davies <kim§>
Date: Thu, 21 Mar 2002 13:28:18 +0800
Quoting Dave Hooper on Thursday March 21, 2002:
| I am laughing.

It would be fair to say you are in the minority.

| It is very Australian to 'hang shit' on those in power who are perceived to
| be doing 'the wrong thing'. I actually think it's all healthy slanging at
| those who probably deserve what they get. I for one would be saddened to see
| the list go back to the tame boring drivel we used to see.

I like the occassional banter, but lately it is more and more inane and
dominating. For example, what does this post add to the list?

    > From: "Nathanael Boehm" <cybsnoop&#167;>
    > Subject: Re: [DNS] Code of conduct
    > *hands over a box of tissues*
    > - SnooP

Not a day goes by now where people either ask to be removed because they
are fed up, or ask me to "do something" about people on the list.

I strongly encourage you, Cyrille, Sasha, apparent newcomer Nathanael
and the others to set up your own forum for "hanging shit" in this way
if you enjoy it so. Feel free to criticise people on this list, but
please - with a little more substance.

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