Re: [DNS] DNS List

Re: [DNS] DNS List

From: Michael-Pappas <auda§>
Date: Fri, 22 Mar 2002 12:22:29 +1100 (EST)
> I have received legal advice that auDA could be liable for comments
> made by participants on the list as it is technically auDA that
> publishes the list. This is of some concern given the sort of
> contributions we have all experienced over the last few weeks. I am not
> prepared to put auDA at risk in this way.

I know of no other lists that potentally have this problem. You have your
dislaimers and what is posted is the option of the person who posted to the
list not that of the auDA. Not that I'm even remotly a legal person I don't
see the legal issue. The service that you are providing is a community
nessicaty and should be under your watch, otherwise no one from auDA would
have to be a member and it would make all this a lot harder.

> As I see it, these are the alternatives:-
> 1.	Have the list moderated either by checking contributions before they
> are posted or in some other way such as limiting the number of posts
> per day for those who appear to be abusing the list.

This is highly unnessicary. To much hands on time that is not nessicary.

> 2.	Introduce some new rules for the list, the breach of which would
> lead to removal. These might include things such as no pseudonyms, no
> fake email addresses, no personal attacks etc. These rules would be
> included on the application form and the submission of the form would
> oblige the member to abide by the rules. The form would also need to
> include an indemnity to auDA against any liability arising from
> comments made on the list. All current participants would need to
> complete a form as well as new ones.

This I think is the best option. Maybe a listing or regulations that
everyone adhears to when you join the list. Then is everyones
responsibility to watch each other. Some sort of form that is fill out to
verify name and details that auDA keeps (not public), verifies and allows
the person to join the list.

Then it's up to the list members to say weather or not people contrubite in
a manner that is permient to the working of the list. Say if a number of
complaints about specific breaches is reached the member get's a warning
and a chance to redeam them selves with an appology.

> 3.       Cut the DNS List loose by providing a couple of weeks warning
> that we will cease to host and thus allowing someone else to pick up
> the responsibility if they want. Meanwhile, we would set up a new auDA
> discussion list open to auDA members, registry, registrar and
> re-sellers.

This is totally out of the question in my option as it would all all that
those that have been remitied from the list can join again and we start
from scratch.. Please don't jump just because this gets a little hard. We
all knew that it was going to be this way. But in the end we'll get
exactally where we want if we all work together and don't frown from the
issues at hand.

Best Regards,


> Ultimately, whilst auDA facilitates this list and is legally
> responsible for it, it is provided for the benefit of subscribers and
> so I would welcome your considered input on the above and any
> constructive
> alternative solutions you can come up with.
> Regards,
> Chris Disspain
> CEO - auDA
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