Re: [DNS] Provisionally Accredited Registrars and Interim Code of Practice

Re: [DNS] Provisionally Accredited Registrars and Interim Code of Practice

From: David Keegel <djk§>
Date: Sat, 23 Mar 2002 09:17:22 +1100 (EST)
Patrick Corliss wrote:
] I really don't think the objective of this restriction is to prevent a bona
] fide
] registrar like Melbourne IT from properly registering a domain name like
] "".

As written it is not saying you can't have that name, but it is saying
you can't be the registrar for it (so you would need to register your
own names through another registrar).

If the issue is letting registrars register their own domain name,
then this could be covered by allowing each registrar to register
1 domain name on its own behalf.

As a practical matter, registrars and related entities often seem
to have a few names, so I would allow each registrar to register
up to 10 domains themselves for the registrar and the various kinds
of related entities.

That ought to solve the problem IMHO.

I'm not a fan of trying to define things like warehousing, because
you end up just creating loopholes, where people work out something
that is almost like warehousing but not quite.  It would also mean
trying to track a moving target as the industry changes and people
think up new shonky ways to make a quick and dishonest buck.

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