ING Strike Again (NZ)

ING Strike Again (NZ)

From: Josh Rowe <josh§>
Date: Sat, 1 Jun 2002 14:50:40 +1000
ING Strike Again

"Yes, just when you thought it was safe to open your mail and check your
faxes -- ING return! 

They've switched from using snail mail to sending faxes in an attempt to
dupe unsuspecting victims into parting with their cold hard cash. 

I note also that they're no longer requesting payment by credit card but
now they want you to deposit the money directly into their bank account.
Could this be because too many victims have requested a charge-back from
their credit card company once they discover they've been duped? 

Based on a conversation I had with the ACCC (the Aussie version of our
Commerce Commission) it looks as if ING may have breached an agreement
they made with the court last month -- and that could result in their
little scammy bottoms being kicked for contempt."

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