registrars and resellers

registrars and resellers

From: ginger FISH <cyrille.lefevre§>
Date: Fri, 7 Jun 2002 22:19:43 +1000

I was wondering.
We're going to have a few new registrars and a new registry.
My question is :
How are new registrars going to get resellers ?

Option 1 : Go direct with existing resellers of Melbourne-IT and offering
better prices.
Option 2 : Advertisement on TV, Radio, ....
Option 3 : scammers

Option 1 : it is too much of a hassle to go to another registrar especially
when you have quite a few domain names, and knowing that you cannot move
them before they lapse. For a better price of a few bucks compared to
Melbourne-It's prices, i don't think anybody would even bother thinking
about moving, that would have to be at least $10 to $15 less i reckon...

Option 2 : Who's got the money to do that anyway ? There aren't dozens of
domain reg businesses created everyday , and even if the new registrars get
a few guys that are going to register say 1 or 2 domains a week ( which is
what is happening  with small resellers ), that's not going to make a buck
for a registrar .... ( which probably why they're all going to fall like
flies within 12 months )

Options 3 : We know who they are and what they do, the public knows too, and
the ACCC is shutting will soon be shuting them down one by one anyway ...

so How ?
If anybody has an idea, I'd like to hear it please, I am interested.

Best Regards
Ginger FISH
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