RE: [DNS] registrars and resellers

RE: [DNS] registrars and resellers

From: Marty Drill - Nexsta <marty§>
Date: Sun, 9 Jun 2002 23:11:29 +1000
Hi Kim

I was referring to using the forum as a discussion for price.  If I
publish a price on a list and another Registrar agrees to it or makes
reference to it, it may in some way be seen at some point in the future
some sort of collusion. I am a little more cautious than that.


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Quoting Marty Drill - Nexsta on Sunday June 09, 2002:
| A price war is not needed mainly due to the reason you have suggested.
| Domains at $140 for two years is not that expensive.  Reducing the
| by $20 or more (under ACCC rules, Registrars should not discuss actual
| pricing in this forum)

Which ACCC rules are those? I wouldn't think that a registrar simply
identifying their price was price collusion.. if it was it would be very
difficult to conduct business.

from brussels

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