RE: [DNS] New 2LD Proposals (to date)

RE: [DNS] New 2LD Proposals (to date)

From: Dassa <dassa§>
Date: Mon, 10 Jun 2002 19:27:19 +1000
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|> Mate,
|> 90% of the people registering domain names for business 
|> purposes are :
|> - small businesses that don't walk on dollars
|> - people that are thinking about a project that is not even 
|> sure to be given birth

Where do you get your figures from, can you provide a reference source
|> These people don't know what a domain name is for starters, 
|> and they don't need several domain names, vanity to them 
|> would be pointless and too expensive. 5 email addresses are 
|> often more than enough for small businesses, most of them 
|> don't have tons of staff.

I doubt if anyone needs several domain names when they are first
introduced to the Internet.  However, as experience and knowledge is
gained a lot of them expand into other domain names.

|> What i understand is that it is too much like politics, some 
|> of you guys live in a bubble where everybody think they know 
|> what the people want but you don't even know the price of a 
|> bread roll ( yeah i know, be a smartass and give me the 
|> price of a bread roll ).

I'm afraid you must be in your own bubble.  For instance, most of the
business people I know are not just involved in a single business.  I
have found that once they start to go on-line with one business, they
tend to follow with their other businesses.  Some of the businesses they
are involved in are not related and require their own domain names.  I
have seen this a number of times and so can speak from experience and
personal involvement.

Of course there are individuals and businesses that will only require a
single domain name and limited services on the Internet.  

The point being all facets of the market need to be addressed.

Darryl (Dassa) Lynch.
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