RE: [DNS] Industry governance: Co-dependencies between auDA and the supply chain

RE: [DNS] Industry governance: Co-dependencies between auDA and the supply chain

From: Mark Hughes <effectivebusiness§>
Date: Tue, 11 Jun 2002 12:42:45 +1000
> > But the auDA derives its income from the Registrars...
> > therefore it is in the interests of auDA to create new
> > 2ld's for the Registrars to have access to.
> > Because when the Registrars profit, so does auDA.

auDA is a regulatory authority, and is a monopoly.  There's nothing sinister
in this - so are other regulatory authorities (for example, ASIC is a
monopoly - wanna register a company?, gotta follow ASIC rules & pay them

auDA also is a non profit organisation.  auDA has no financial incentive
from increasing the number of 2LDs (or from increasing the number of 3LDs).
auDA needs $X amount of funds to operate, and as a monopoly it can simply
divide its requirements by the number of domain names and arrive at its per
domain fee.

Whether its $5.00 per year on 250,000 domain names in 6 .au 2LDs or .50c per
year on 2,500,000 domain names in 20 .au 2LDs has no effect on auDA.

The real beneficiaries of having more domain names are the Registrants.  The
more domain names there are, the less they pay per domain name to cover the
Regulatory Authority's costs.

Personally, I'm all in favour of thousands of new 2LDs and millions of new
3LDs so my per domain name cost goes down.

Regards, Mark

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