RE: [DNS] Internet News

RE: [DNS] Internet News

From: Marty Drill <marty§>
Date: Fri, 21 Jun 2002 09:44:30 +1000
Hi Kevin 

I don't understand your question. Everyone will have access to the
prices and the ability to register on the same day.  So I am not sure
how someone can grab it before.

If you mean, that you could make a more informed decision about whether
you should be, if you had the prices before 1 July, then all I can say
is that it will be obviously less than and you will have change
from $100 ( the extent of which will be identified in 10 days)

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> July1 the system goes live and the Registrars will release their
> then. Some of the registrars will provide you reseller prices

that's not going to work .. is also being released on July 1
come first served) - do we have to wait and see the prices before trying
get a domain ?? then to find out someone has already grabbed it

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