RE: [DNS] Incorrect eligibility description on AusRegistry

RE: [DNS] Incorrect eligibility description on AusRegistry

From: Ian Johnston <ian.johnston§>
Date: Tue, 25 Jun 2002 07:11:43 +1000

I raised this issue of an apparent change of eligibility
policy with Chris Disspain and Jo Lim (AusRegistry present) at the
auDA public Seminar in Canberra recently.

I did so on the basis that the Small Business Coalition
<> is a coalition of registered
small business associations, but it is not an incorporated association
and therefore would not be eligible to apply for a domain
name.  So associations that formed "partnership" arrangements would
not be eligible for a domain name on my interpretation of the
proposed eligibility policy.

Chris said he would address this issue and his response to me was
positive.  Hopefully, your concern will also be addressed.

Someone - not the auDA Board that I can see from published Board
decisions - appears to have rewritten the eligibility policy at the
implementation stage.

IMO, the current policy should stand, unless there are compelling
reasons for changing the policy and they are published.

I'm was a Name Policy Advisory Panel Member.


Ian Johnston, Policy Consultant
Small Enterprise Telecommunications Centre (SETEL)  mailto:ian.johnston&#167;
02 6258 3409 (B/F)  02 6259 7777 (B)  0413 990 112 (M)

SETEL is a national small business consumer association
advancing the interest of Australian small business
as telecommunications and e-commerce consumers

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Subject: [DNS] Incorrect eligibility description on

AuDA and all,

On checking out nine days prior to the new
'going live', I was somewhat concerned to find their stated
requirements for domains would exclude our association .. so I
dug through all this one more time; yes I've been keeping an eye on

I've reformatted most quotes below for mail readability:

from the current
    Associations and Non-Profit Organisations
    The domain serves for incorporated bodies, political
    trade unions, sporting and special interest clubs, and
    between disparate organisations.
    Registrar: Connect West

hunting back via
  Name Policy Advisory Panel

  The Panel's final recommendations were approved by the auDA Board on
  8 May 2001.  auDA aims to implement the Panel's recommendations by
  the end of the year. A full implementation plan and timetable will
  be published shortly.

  Panel Publications
11 May 2001  Final Report on Domain Name eligibility and Allocation

that is,
Table A: Purpose of Open 2LDs  For 'associations'. Includes associations incorporated under
        specific state legislation, some incorporated bodies,
        parties, trade unions, sporting and special interest clubs and
        'partnerships' between disparate organisations.

Now the table at also
=======  For 'associations'. Includes associations incorporated under
        specific state legislation, some incorporated bodies,
        parties, trade unions, sporting and special interest clubs and
        'partnerships' between disparate organisations.

However, ignoring the graphics, the introductory page at states:
        "joining the community"

  Who is eligible to register an domain name?

  Strict policy ensures that only Australian incorporated
  political parties, industry bodies and sporting interest groups are
  eligible for domain names.

(end quotes)

The sentence above replaces AuDA's "sporting and special interest
with "sporting interest groups" which is a different (subset) of
altogether, appearing to exclude NON-sporting special interest clubs,
including social clubs, common law unincorporated associations and
bodies which are eligible given they can demonstrate legal acceptance.

AusRegistry's primary (only) definition (stated as "strict policy")
also omits AuDA's "partnerships between disparate organisations".

Perhaps AuDA might suggest some wording here that is not misleading,
especially for would-be new applicants who might read no further or
be none the wiser regarding the range of bodies eligible to licence domains?

Perhaps a link to the full AuDA Eligibility and Allocation Policy
for (here eg), as qualified by the rules for all open 2LD,
not go amiss, to save inordinate amounts of hunting (or
for the uninitiated?

From the current
1. To be eligible for a domain name in the 2LD, registrants
must be:
 a) an association incorporated in any Australian State or Territory;
 b) a political party registered with the Australian Electoral
Commission; or
 c) a trade union or other organisation registered under the Workplace
    Relations Act 1996; or
 d) a sporting or special interest club operating in Australia.

People with interest in might wish to scrutinise the
at in similar vein?

Also and finally, from
  By registering an domain name Australian individuals can now
  fully represented on the web. It is the only domain name that does
  require the registrant to be a commercial entity.

The latter sentence is also inaccurate - re both and

Cheers, Ian

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