RE: [DNS] RE: O/T: Nuking would-be intruders

RE: [DNS] RE: O/T: Nuking would-be intruders

From: ginger FISH <cyrille.lefevre§>
Date: Thu, 27 Jun 2002 22:42:57 +1000
If you start trying to nuke intruders and all, you may end up not having a
life anymore, because you're going to nuke every 5 minutes.
Just get a good firewall and set some in/out rules and keep the buggers out


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Hello Prakesh and all

Re what can be done about virtual intruders ..

At 09:42 AM 27/06/2002, Dhupelia, Prakash wrote:

> I had the same issues, even with zonealarm.. Regards Prakash

Thanks Prakash, and all who offered advice .. some of which was
very amusing, though not all suggestions regarding what can be done
re virtual intruders seems physically possible ;) One specially satisfying
suggestion was to re-name a virus with a particularly enticing file name
such as 'my_passwords' and park it prominently in the root directory of
an old and otherwise unused machine complete with all ports wide open.

Hope this doesn't sound vindictive, but, it's hardly illegal, and might just
help prevent others being attacked. And, meanwhile, keep on pestering
whois addresses with 'please explain' emails. <sigh>

Cheers all ..
Stephen Loosley
Vermont Secondary

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