Expiry date vs. Invoice date

Expiry date vs. Invoice date

From: Michael McKinnon <mjm§mentalpopcorn.com>
Date: Wed, 7 Aug 2002 12:04:55 +1000
A friend of mine recently registered a .net.au domain name with MelbourneIT.

The date he attempted registration on the website was 23rd of July, however
MelbourneIT took several weeks to complete the transaction and he was only
notified yesterday by email that it had been undertaken.  The invoice date
clearly shows it to be the 6th August.

Guess what?  The expiry date for the domain name is recorded on the invoice
as 23rd of July 2004!!  In effect this means, that he has been short changed
14 days on the two year fee paid.  Is this acceptable?  Is this a normal


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