[DNS] "all systems are functional" ?

[DNS] "all systems are functional" ?

From: Chris Wright <chris§regasia.com>
Date: Mon, 12 Aug 2002 11:58:30 +1000

	Yes, One of the requirements was to provide a "high-uptime whois
server" and, yes this is still the case, if you try changing the host
name to "whois.ausregistry.net.au" you will find connecting to our whois
service is not a problem.


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On the ausregistry.net website, it says "all systems are functional",

adrian&#167;styx: whois -h whois.ausregistry.net mydsl.com.au
whois: connect(): Connection refused

Now, if I remember right, part of the registry tender requirements were
to run a high-uptime whois server. Is this still the case?


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