Delays at Melbourne IT

Delays at Melbourne IT

From: Bruce Tonkin <Bruce.Tonkin§>
Date: Tue, 13 Aug 2002 15:57:23 +1000
There are two reasons.

(1) Not all functions for the new ".au" regime are automated by Melbourne IT
as yet.
Melbourne IT is at any time developing systems for many international domain
name spaces (.name, .us, .jp etc)  in parallel (we obtain more revenue from
overseas compared to Australia now).  There is a finite amount of
development resource.

(2) Volume - Melbourne IT is still processing a much higher volume of
requests than any other registrar - so any manual processes remaining are
prone to being backlogged

As more of the functions are automated over the next few weeks, volume will
not be an issue.

Bruce Tonkin

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> Why exactly ARE there delays with Melbourne IT ?  What happened that
> doesn't effect places like Enetica ?
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