RE: [DNS] Personal name registration

RE: [DNS] Personal name registration

From: Cooke, Tony <tony.cooke§>
Date: Fri, 16 Aug 2002 12:46:57 +1000
No contradiction!  The Policy is clear that as a sole trader (even without
registered business name) he is eligible.  See Schedule C - 1.c).

The problem is the application forms for most (not sure if it's all)
Resellers and Registrars require an ACN, Business Name Registration Number,
Association Incorporation number or Trade Mark Registration or Application
number (some even require another number with the TM number).

There is no basis in the policy for insisting on an ABN for applications
under 1.c) nor for any other number when relying on 1.c), e) or f).  There
is no requirement in the Policy that sole traders must either earn over
$50,000 or elect to have an ABN.  The web forms, simply do not correspond to
the stated Policy.

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> Subject: [DNS] Personal name registration
> What is the latest on registering a under personal names?
> I have a client who is an artist (and thus trades under his own name) 
> who wants his commercial domain to match his name.
> The NSW dept. of fair trade says "You can conduct business in NSW 
> under your own name without registering a business name, provided you 
> don't change or add anything to your name. " what is the latest on 
> There seems to be a contradiction there..
> Matt King
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