RE: [DNS] Personal name registration

RE: [DNS] Personal name registration

From: Dave Hooper <dave§>
Date: Fri, 16 Aug 2002 13:21:49 +1000
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> Subject: RE: [DNS] Personal name registration
> Speaking to the people at Enetica they basically said that even if my 
> client is eligible policy wise (and very doubtful they seem re this) 
> on technical level they must fill in the (ACN, ABN, Registered 
> business number) field with something.
> Any thoughts would be appreciated, particularly from anyone from AUDA.
> Matthew King


I got the same spiel from Enetica, but when I pushed the issue was told
"anything at all, just fill in the field with something" - a bunch of
1's would probably do the trick and would signify to the person
processing the order that this one obviously has no valid number such as
an ABN.
BTW, I have found Enetica to be very helpful, very quick and in general
a pretty good bunch of people to do business with. I truly hope they can
maintain this standard as they grow, it's a refreshing change.

Dave Hooper
'Only a Reseller'
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