On holidays 2

On holidays 2

From: Chris Berkeley <magic2147§optushome.com.au>
Date: Tue, 20 Aug 2002 23:48:45 +1000
I have studied the prices at whatsinaname.com.au and on the actually accredited 
registrars' web sites and find that $132.00 including GST is nowhere near the lowest 
price available  for a two year licence for a .com.au domain and that I don't have to pay 
some registrars anything at all for a "Certificate of Domain name Owenrship".

Your task: explain to me how a "Domain Name Provider" can write to people with a 
straight face offering domain renewal at "the lowest price" when they must know that it 
isn't and charge $20 for a certificate which since it appears to be merely from the 
reseller for a registrar must have a questionable value anywho

If you can explain this to me I shall make a $20 donation to your favourite registered  

In the event of a tie only one winner will be selected. 

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