On holidays 3

On holidays 3

From: Chris Berkeley <magic2147§optushome.com.au>
Date: Wed, 21 Aug 2002 00:36:44 +1000
Yesterday I sent a query to auDA querying how a domain name reseller had got access 
to (a) an address for a domain that could have only been extracted from either the 
Ausregistry database or the old AUNIC/auDA database (ie. the address was never used 
anywhere else or in any other connection) and (b) the renewal/anniversary date of the 

This is part of the email reply that I received:

> <name> are ... a
> reseller for 2 accredited registrars....
> On 1 July 02, we changed to a new registry (AusRegistry) and renewal dates
> are no longer available other than to registrars and their appointed
> resellers (we do not have access to this information either).

Does this statement imply that Ausregistry or some registrars are providing some 
resellers with information about domains that they are not entitled to have?

I have approached both the accredited registrars and they have confirmed to me that 
neither the particular  reseller nor anyone else could  have obtained access to the 
address or  renewal/anniversary date via their "whois" or other facilities.

It was my understanding that the .com.au database was copyright and that the 
information in it if it was was acquired somehow was not supposed to be used for the 
purposes of solicitation of domain renewal business - certainly not by a subscriber to the 
Interim C of C anyway.

How did the reseller come by the information regarding the domain when we have 
always been told that anyone using the information in the database inappropriately 
would be prevented by auDA from doing so.  

Is the further statement in auDA's email viz "The management and staff of <name> are 
well known to auDA because they consult us regularly on policy matters and one of the 
directors is a member of Code of Practice Drafting Committee" in some way related to 
the fact that auDA appears to be reluctant to act in this matter?

The most coherent (and constructive) response (IMO) to this will attract the usual $20 to 
the writer's fave registered charity.

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