It's good

It's good

From: Chris Berkeley <magic2147§>
Date: Thu, 22 Aug 2002 13:21:35 +1000
On 22 Aug 2002 at 12:25, Rod Keys wrote:

> m

It's good that you saw the article Rodders. I trust that you read, marked and inwardly 
digested the implications of that type of business operation.

Mind you I would have been even more gratified if you could find time between your 
peregrinations to and from Carlton to share with us mere mortals your reflections on the  
demise of businesses that decimate large areas of timber plantations in order to 
generate thousands of misleading letters that importune holders of a certain type of 
license to pay over the odds for the renewal of their licence and offer no apparent 
added value.

The usual $20 to your favourite registered charity if you can come up with something 
that does not cause us to loose control of our bladders whilst reading it.


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