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Date: Fri, 23 Aug 2002 12:36:39 +1000 (EST)
Domain name holders targeted once again
Domain name holders are being targeted by another aggressive
marketing campaign, again by an Australian domain name registrar.!opendocument

Spielberg in domain name dispute
A small web design firm has found itself centre stage in a row with
Hollywood director Steven Spielberg over the name of its internet

.Org front runner named
ICANN has made its recommendation about who should take over the .org
domain, but some watchdogs fear that it is an 'insider deal'.,,t269-s2121116,00.html

Preliminary Report to ICANN Board: ISOC to Run .org?

GNR remaining confident in .org reassignment process
In an exclusive interview with, Andrew K Tsai, CEO and
Executive Director of Global Name Registry, the third-ranked
contender in the ICANN .org reassignment process, said that there was
a still long way to go before the final winner was determined.

Aussie .org bid snubbed
THE Australian-backed joint venture bidding to run the top-level .org
domain will not give up after a preliminary report ranked it third
out of 11 bids.,7204,4943277%5e16123%5e%5enbv%5e,00.html,7204,4931275%5e16123%5e%5enbv%5e,00.html

From BNA Internet Law News
The Assistance Group on the Proposed Implementation of an At-Large
Advisory Committee has completed its report. The report recommends
the creation of an ICANN board liason along with establishment of
regional at-large organizations that would be accredited by ICANN.

From BNA Internet Law News
The Center for Democracy and Technology yesterday urged the US
Commerce Department to limit ICANN's powers. In its letter, the CDT
recommends that the department force ICANN to agree to a series of
reforms before renewing the group's contract to manage the DNS.
Letter at
Coverage at

Starbucks domain excuse takes the biscuit
International coffee chain Starbucks has won a domain dispute under
UK naming authority Nominet's dispute resolution service (DRS).

Nike just can't quite do it...
A recent decision of an administrative panel of the World
Intellectual Property Organization provides a warning against
complacency on the part of substantial trademark owners when it comes
to putting a case under the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution

Ford Settles Domain Name Lawsuit
Ford Motor Co. and a local entrepreneur have reached a settlement
over two Internet domain names - and

Scooby-Doo domain decision appealed
Hanna Barbera has appealed against the Nominet Dispute Resolution
Service (DRS) decision Hanna-Barbera Productions Inc -v- Graeme Hay
which it lost last month.

FTSE "falls" in domain dispute
The Financial Times and the London Stock Exchange were given a slap
on the wrist after a WIPO panellist ruled that they had not provided
"one iota of evidence" that the registrant of had taken the
domain name in bad faith.

Domainz looks out for local companies
Domainz will protect local companies who have registered .nz domain
names through the now seemingly defunct Internet Name Group (ING),
but there is little it can do about .com and .net registrations.!opendocument

AE (United Arab Emirates): UAENIC, the .AE registry, will be
liberalizing its registration rules. Starting September 15, any user
may register any name on a first-come, first-served basis.
BI (Burundi): IANA, responsible for the administration of the root
zone and now part of ICANN, published a July 16, 2002 memo stating
that it has given its OK for the redelegation of .BI. 
CH (Switzerland): SWITCH, the registry for Switzerland and
Liechtenstein, announced that it would be offering multilingual names
very soon.
CZ (Czech Republic): Czechoslovakia ccTLD administrator CZ.NIC says
that, beginning in September 2002, domain name registration data
concerning a contact person will have to be confirmed by a notary. 
NZ (New Zealand): InternetNZ, the New Zealand registry, which has
always been very vigilant about ICANN's attempts to control ccTLDs,
has been very vocal in the New Zealand press about its difficulties
in getting ICANN to administer the .NZ root zone correctly, for
instance -changing its root nameservers upon request.
.RU (Russia): Russia's Communications Ministry will now have the
ability to register domain names on the Russian Internet due to a
government-sponsored amendment to the ministry's regulations.
SI (Slovenia): The Slovenian registry has adopted a completely new
naming structure as of July 9, 2002.

using the Babelfish translator <>...
about conducting of the period of the priority registration of domain
names in the list SU 
Moscow, on 7 August 2002 g ., the observant council of the fund for
development Internet it approved conducting the period of the
priority registration of the domain names, which correspond to the
designations of trade marks. 
On 7 August of 2002 years the observant council of the fund for
development Internet it examined questions of further development of
the domain zone su .In the time passed from the moment/torque of the
publication of the project of the development of list SU several ten
publications was devoted to questions of retention/maintaining and
development of domain zone both in the electronic and the traditional
OF THE SMI beginning from November 2001 of year, with the independent
organizations in the network/grid It internet they were initiated
different studies of the opinion of internet- association on the
project of the development of the domain zone su .The results of the
carried out interrogations and statistical data on the domain zone
for the latter several years demonstrate the need of
retaining/maintaining the domain zone and the positive ratio of
internet- association to the project of its further development.

Aviation firms fly to new web domain 
International airlines, airports and major aerospace firms are
flocking to sign up for a new master Internet domain created to
provide a haven for the civil aviation industry, the company managing
it has said;jsessionid?type=internetNews&storyID=1350560


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